So, What is Sales Engineering anyways?

November 29, 2022 Alok Shukla Season 1 Episode 1
So, What is Sales Engineering anyways?
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Alok Shukla,  in a conversation with Pinkesh Shah and Scott Taschler,  to define sales engineering and figure out the relevancy of sales engineering in a product-led world.

Pinkesh Shah is the Executive Vice President of Products at Qualys, and Scott Taschler is a phenomenal sales engineer and currently a marketing guru.

Alok Shukla is CEO and Co-founder at FunnelStory

Entrepreneurs of McAfee Risk and Compliance business
What does a sales engineering do?
Are sales engineer good at predicting trial outcomes?
No tools for sales engineers?
How do product manager get product feedback from sales engineers?
Sales engineering in a product led world?
Why Industry does not makes tools for sales engineers?